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Container module type Merrill-Crowe processing (zinc powder replacement) system:


The container module type Merrill-Crowe processing system is specially designed for those small-scale gold miners whose concentrate daily production small but who want to get high grade gold & silver mud. By being installed in one container, construction cost can be saved effectively and the whole system can be transported from site to site easily.


Container Type Merrill Crowe System




1. To process the gold silver ore concentrates or pregnant solution with low content of Arsenic (As), Copper (Cu), Carbon(C) and Antimony (Sb) into gold and silver powder.

2. Replacing the desorption electrolytic system to process gold & silver flotation concentrates after regrinding and CIL leaching into gold & silver mud.

3. To process Heap leaching, CIL or CIP leaching or vat leaching pregnant solution into gold & silver mud to replace the desorption & electrolytic system.


Description of Merrill-Crow processing system:


Container Type Merrill Crowe System Container Type Merrill Crowe System


1. Pregnant filtering process:


The pregnant solution from leaching section should be processed by sedimentation and clarification in the settling pond first. Then using the pump feeds into bags type filter to do the filtering process twice and then sending to the pregnant solution tank.


2. Deoxidation process:


The pregnant solution will be sucked into the deoxidation tower by vacuum force from the pregnant solution tank. During the spraying from top to the bottom of deoxidation tower, the pregnant solution will be deoxidized by the vacuum spraying pump. The pregnant solution after deoxygenation will be reserved at the bottom of deoxidation tower.


3. Zinc powder replacement reaction


The pregnant solution will be pumped out and mixed with the zinc powder and lead acetate. The gold and silver will be replaced out by zinc powder as slurry mixed with water. Then the pregnant solution after replacement reaction will be sent to the filter press.


4. Solid-liquid separation


The pregnant solution will be processed by the filter press to separate the solid and liquid. The solid containing gold and silver will be collected from the filter cloth and sent to smelting for gold & silver alloy or the gold & silver separation and purification system to do deep processing. The barren solution will be sent to the barren solution tank for recycle usage.

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