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Cyclone microbubble flotation column equipment


Gold mines can be roughly divided into rock gold mines and placer gold mines. Usually, certain crushing and grinding operations are used to dissociate the internal gold particles. The gold mines use flotation, gravity separation, and cyanide leaching according to the actual ore properties. , Amalgamation and other processes for selection and enrichment. The gold ore beneficiation equipment used for conventional floatation can achieve good separation results for coarse-grained materials, but the separation index of gold ore sludge is not very ideal. This article introduces a fine-grained gold ore dressing equipment.

Cyclone microbubble flotation column is an efficient gold ore beneficiation equipment, especially ideal for the flotation of fine sludge. During its work, a large number of microbubbles are generated by the secondary jet aspiration mineralization tube in the middle mine cycle, and then tangentially injected into the bottom of the flotation column. Light bubbles gather toward the center and rotate upward. After the feed material is adjusted by the mixing tank, it is sent to the first-stage jet aspiration mineralization tube of the flotation column for the initial sorting. The fine-grained concentrate first floats quickly, and the unfloated concentrate continues to descend into the reverse direction. The collision mineralization zone, where the descending concentrate and the slowly rising microbubbles are reversed collision mineralization, and the mineralization method and fluid state here are conducive to coarse-grained flotation. The floating concentrate enters the static separation zone and rises to the foam layer after further purification. The middle ore after the two sorting is pumped out by the circulating pump, and the second dosing is carried out in front of the pump (the more easily floated concentrate may not be added), after the second injection, the aspirating mineralization tube, in the pipeline flowing through Inside, in a strong turbulent state, there is a long time to fully mix and mineralize with a large number of fine bubbles.

Due to the large changes in flow rate and pressure in the secondary injection pipe, there is a strong precipitation of dissolved gas, which improves the selectivity of mineralization, speed and recovery rate of sweeping. The circulating pulp enters the lower end of the flotation column tangentially, and in an appropriate centrifugal force field, the mineralized bubbles gather in the middle, and are brought back to the reverse mineralization zone by the rising mineral flow. During the ascending process, they are continuously cleaned. The lift of the circulating pump is The flow rate should be selected appropriately to ensure the normal operation of the secondary jet mineralization pipe and the Zhongmine can cycle at least three times. Due to the agitation of the circulating pulp, the tailings at the bottom of the flotation column are kept in suspension, and are smoothly discharged from the tailings mouth through the control mechanism.

This kind of gold ore beneficiation has low kinetic energy consumption and stable flotation environment. It has achieved good indicators in the flotation of fine-grained gold ore sludge, and its use is being promoted in some concentrators.

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