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Gold beneficiation process

The determination of the gold beneficiation process should be based on the nature of the ore, site conditions, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Therefore, after understanding the actual situation, the company's engineers proposed two basic schemes for the selection of gold beneficiation process and gold mining equipment.

Gold beneficiation process

The first type: ore grinding powder adopts energy-saving ball mill equipment

In the grinding process, high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mills are used. This machine adopts bearing transmission, stable operation and uniform discharge size, which saves more than 30% of energy compared with the old-fashioned bearing drive ball mill. Only energy saving can recover the investment of ball mill in two years.

In the new gold beneficiation equipment, new technology and new gold beneficiation equipment specially designed by the company's engineers are used in the beneficiation. This equipment is a good combination of foreign new gold beneficiation technology and domestic production. It digests and absorbs the advantages of advanced gold ore gravity separation equipment in South Africa, Canada, Russia and other countries, optimizes the gold separation equipment, and greatly reduces power consumption and equipment loss.

In the new process, the final concentrate and tailings can be produced at one time. Compared with the old technology, it saves more than 50% of electricity and 30% of labor, so that the gold production process is truly pollution-free and energy-efficient.

ball mill

The second type: physical method and physical gold machine equipment

In the traditional flotation and cyanidation process, it is often because the harmful elements in the ore exceed the standard that the gold selection process cannot continue, or the process flow is too long and the gold selection cost is too high. In the new gold selection process, there are no such drawbacks.

Because the physical gold separation process is a purely physical gold separation process, according to the different specific gravity of gold and other elements and the different movement trajectory under the action of gravity gradient field and centrifugal force of the concentrator, the separation is conducted.Harmful elements such as arsenic and arsenic do not affect the physical gold selection process.

In this physical gold selection process, the conical ball mills used in the selection field below 50 tons/day all have their own base, which is very convenient for installation. The design of small equipment ball mill can be driven by diesel engine or other power. The equipment is easy to disassemble and disassemble, easy to carry, and suitable for setting up pit opening.

Gold beneficiation process

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