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New cyanide-free gold extraction technology

At present, about 75% of the gold extracted from ore is processed with cyanide or mercury, and both cyanide and mercury are chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the environment. These harmful chemicals usually enter the tailings after the ore is processed. If the tailings are not handled properly, they will cause harm to the environment around the gold mine. The reason why there has been no more environmentally friendly process to replace the use of cyanide and mercury, The core problem is cost. Although mercury extraction has been banned by most countries, Cyanide gold extraction still has an incomparable cost advantage.

New cyanide-free gold extraction technology

Of course, as long as cyanide is handled properly, its impact on the surrounding environment is also completely controllable. Because cyanide is easily decomposed by oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide will quickly decompose cyanide into carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can also decompose cyanide. But this is not the case with mercury. It is difficult to ensure that no mercury vapor is produced when gold is extracted by mercury. Once mercury enters the human body, it cannot be excreted.

In recent years, many countries have been actively exploring more environmentally friendly and economical cyanide-free gold extraction technology, hoping to truly achieve the goal of green mines. An Australian company released a cyanide-free gold extraction technology that can be used in large-scale production. Cyanide-free gold processing technology, As the name implies, no longer use highly toxic cyanide. The process uses a safer and less harmful reagent thiosulfate instead of cyanide. In some mines in countries or regions where cyanide is strictly prohibited, this technology has broad application prospects.

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