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  • Vertical Impact Crusher
  • Vertical Impact Crusher
  • Vertical Impact Crusher

Vertical Impact Crusher Design Advantages:

(1) Design of the impellers reduces the resistance of materials, high lighten passing through quantity of materials and crushing ratio, so the efficiency is raised by 30%~60%.

(2) Hydraulic system allows automatic uncovering, which reduces labor intense and makes maintenance easier.

(3) The mainframe strengthens the machine structure and ensures stable performance.

(4) VSI crusher employs light oil anti-leakage device. This saves the trouble of changing the oil seal.

Vertical Impact Crusher Factors Influence on Capacity

(1) Number of runners

The diameter of the rotor and the particle size of the feed determine the number of flow channels, z=πD/k1.k2.d, D is the diameter of the rotor (m), k1 is the filling factor, k2 is the correction factor, and d is the actual feed size (m). The number of runner plates determines the number of outlets, and the difference in the number of outlets will affect the vortex changes.

(2) Installation angle of runner plate

The installation angle of the runner plate ranges from 36 to 52 degrees.

(3) Main shaft rotating speed

The higher the rotor speed, the higher the material crushing ratio will be, but it will also cause aggravation of wear and influence on the severity of vortex, so a more suitable rotor speed must be determined. However, the speed of the rotor is not the main factor that determines the speed of the thrown particles, and the high speed of the rotor does not guarantee that the thrown particles have a high speed. The speed of the rotor can be calculated as follows: n=60v/πD, and the rotor cutting speed v is generally 50~85m/s.

(4) Feeding amount

The processing capacity of vertical shaft impact crushing is related to motor power, rotor speed and size, shunt ratio and material flow, among which motor power plays a major role.

Suppose the relationship among the feed amount Q (t/h), motor power P (kw), and energy consumption q (kw.h/t) is as follows: P=qQ

According to the known size D and rotor speed n, q=1~2.5kw.h/t (rotor feed) and q=0.67~0.75kw.h/t (overflow feed) determines q, which are in the basic parameter table of the impact sand making machine specified by the national building materials industry standard .

Vertical Impact Crusher Working Principle:

Feed at center

The material falls into the impeller through the center of the feeding tray, and is given initial lateral acceleration through the distribution cone, and is evenly distributed to each runner for further acceleration and throwing. After the material is thrown, it will directly hit the surrounding guard plate and the material layer on the guard plate, or It collides with the rebounded material, and the collision point is relatively close to the casing. The whole center feed has stronger impact force and longer stroke. Some materials impact the peripheral guard plate and the material layer of the peripheral guard plate, or the material is hedged, which increase the crushing ratio.

The center feed is beneficial for fine crushing.

Waterfall feed (feed at center and side)

Waterfall feeding means that the part of the material falls from sides after the material is processed by the distributor, and after falling, a continuous material waterfall is formed around the impeller. Formally through the other part of center feed coordination, the accelerated material in the impeller is thrown at a speed of 70-80m/s and hits the material waterfall, causing the material to be crushed. After the material has exchanged kinetic energy, part of the material impacts the peripheral guard plate or material layer, and another part of the material falls. However, because the object of the first strong impact is the material waterfall, the crushing capacity is much lower than that of the full center feed, but the friction between the materials and the number of impacts increase.

The water full feed is more suitable for the shaping of the aggregate.

Vertical Impact Crusher Technical Parameters:

Capacity(t/h)Feed at center and side120-180200-260300-380450-520
Feed at center60-90100-130150-190225-260
Max. Inlet size(mm)Soft material<35<40<45<50
Hard material<30<35<40<45
Rotation speed(r/min)1700-18901520-16901360-15101180-1310
Dual-motor power(kw)110180264400
Dimension L*W*H(mm)3700*2150 *21004140*2280 *24254560*2447 *27785000*2700 *3300


Capacity(t/h)Feed at center and side150-280240-380350-540500-640
Feed at center70-140120-200180-280250-360
Max. Inlet size(mm)Soft material<35<40<45<50
Hard material<30<35<40<45
Rotation speed(r/min)1700-19001500-17001300-15101100-1310
Dual-motor power(kw)110-150180-220260-320400-440
Dimension L*W*H(mm)4100*2330 *23004140*2500 *27004560*2600 *29005100*2790 *3320



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