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CTS/N/B series wet drum magnetic separator

  1. CTS cocurrent magnetic separator, specially used for coarse particle primary separation. such as river sand, sea sand and it’s suitable for the recovery of magnetic medium.
  2. CTN counter-current type magnetic separator is suitable for fine-grained strong magnetic ore roughing and scavenging pulp after long area, metal loss in tailings is less, high metal recovery.
  3.  CTB half counter-current type magnetic separator is suitable for grinding mill selection process stage work, is widely used  getting higher concentrate quality and metal recovery.
  4. The magnetic system material is made of high remanence magnetic material and high coercivity magnetic material, which has very good anti-demagnetization ability (less than 5% in 8 years).
  5. There are four kinds of body protection: rubber liner, stainless steel, ceramic and ultra-high molecular wear-resistant material.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Technical Specifications


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