Graphite processing equipment from Prominer (Shanghai) Mining Technology Co., Ltd

After decades development of technology, Prominer (Shanghai) Mining Technology Co., Ltd have developed various processing equipment specially for graphite processing plant, including different flotation machines, regrinding machines, screening machines, etc. With upgraded technology and manufacturing process, Prominer’s graphite processing equipment can improve the production efficiency of the complete plant and can well protect big flake from over grinding so as to preserve big flake. Main equipment for graphite processing are as follows:

1.Special flotation cells for graphite processing

In the early days, because graphite ore beneficiation was not paid attention too much and was restricted by the scale of the beneficiation plant, most of the plants used self-aspiration type A flotation machine, or the upgraded product of type A flotation machine-SF type flotation machine. This type of flotation machine is widely used in graphite mines in Heilongjiang, but due to the specific problems of the equipment, the flotation liquid level often appears unstable, such as turning over and overflowing the tank. In order to eliminate the shortcomings of conventional flotation machines in graphite ore beneficiation, Prominer (Shanghai) Mining Technology Co., Ltd, combines the characteristics of large scale and fine-grained grades in graphite mineral particles, the slurry circulation mode of conventional flotation machines has high turbulent strength, which damages graphite flakes, have poor selectivity at the fine particle level, etc., developed a special flotation machine for graphite ore. The special flotation machine for graphite ore reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the tank by setting a low-damping steady flow grid in the flotation machine, enhances the suspension capacity of large flake graphite in the transportation area, and reduces the turbulence intensity of the separation area of ​​the flotation machine. The large scales reduce the probability of falling off the bubbles and ensure the recovery rate. By adding a circulation channel to realize the selective circulation of the slurry, the fine particle graphite has more opportunities to collide with the bubbles, and the recovery rate of the fine particles is taken into account.

2.Special flotation column for graphite processing

In addition to the development of a special flotation machine for graphite ore, Prominer (Shanghai) Mining Technology Co., Ltd also developed a special flotation column for graphite ore based on the characteristics of graphite ore dressing. Due to the narrow size range of bubbles generated by conventional flotation columns, it is difficult to meet the kinetic requirements of wide-grain graphite flotation. The special flotation column for graphite ore uses the dual mechanism of pressure release and high-speed shear to make a part of the air wrap and precipitate microbubbles on the surface of the graphite particles, and the other part of the air relies on high-speed flow shear to form small bubbles. The precipitated microbubbles and the small bubbles formed by shear collide with each other to significantly increase the probability of mineralization. The graphite selection operation has a large yield and poor foam fluidity. The forced foam scraping technology is used to discharge the foam product as soon as possible to avoid the falling of mineral particles caused by the long-term retention of the foam in the flotation column, and to ensure large flake graphite recovery rate under the condition of high enrichment ratio.

3.Regrinding equipment

There are two types of conventional graphite regrinding equipment, one is a long barrel ball mill and the other is a vertical stirring mill. Prominer optimized the GJM type vertical stirring mill originally used in the field of non-metallic minerals according to the characteristics of different beneficiation processes of graphite ore, and designed a GJM type vertical stirring mill for graphite ore. The GJM type vertical stirring mill for graphite mines can be divided into impeller type and stirring rod type according to the different types of stirring shafts; according to different processes (working conditions), it can be divided into single tank type, double tank type and multi tank type .


Due to the low density of graphite, graphite particles are in the form of flakes, and the flotation concentrate floats on the surface of the slurry in a foamy state, and it is easy to drift with the water flow on the screen surface. Therefore, the screening efficiency of ordinary vibrating screens, arc screens, cylindrical screens, etc. is very low. Prominer (Shanghai) Mining Technology Co., Ltd has improved the traditional vibrating screen. After rough grinding, the FGY type high-frequency vibrating screen is used, with a processing capacity of 10-15 t/h, and a screen opening width of 1.2-2.5 mm; the regrinding stage adopts stacking according to the particle size of the product has achieved good screening results.

With quality equipment, advanced technology and abundant experience in graohite processing, Prominer eagers to satisfy different requirements from graphite processing project owners.


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