Carbonization Kiln

We can provide the complete solution for high temperature carbonization treatment system by working together with the top supplier of roller hearth kiln supplier from China and Japan. During the high temperature condition (1200 degree) by electricity, it make the coating material and spherical graphite fused together and the coating material formed a shell to wrapping the spherical graphite. The roller hearth kiln is the best solution for large scale carbonization processing.

Kiln Length: Max. 60 m Kiln Width: Max. 2 m


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Physical property analysis
Lab and pilot test
Complete carbonization treatment system supply
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Stable Performance
Driving system by using unique spring clutch and ceramic rollers ensure stable performance.
High level dust control system
Automation crucible filling and unloading system ensure clean working environment.
High accuracy
Equipped with high precision material dosing system and temperature control sensor.
High efficiency
High level automation running could save labor and improve the HSE condition.
Easy to operate
Fully automation PLC control, One crucible filling and unloading system can serve 3 kilns.
Lower Operation cost
Advance design help to reduce the power consumption.


Anode materials calcination for lithium batteries: green petroleum coke (GPC coke), green needle coke, calcined petroleum coke (CPC coke), calcined needle coke, coating pitch, natural graphite, and synthetic graphite.
Cathode material sintering for lithium batteries: LiCoO (lithium cobalt oxide), NCM( lithium nickel manganese cobalt), LMO (lithium manganese oxide), LFP (lithium iron phosphate) and NCA (Lithium nickel aluminum cobalt) .

Project Cases

Carbonization kiln for anode material sintering

Carbonization treatment before graphitization process can not only avoid excessive temperature during the graphitization process, but also accelerate the thermal decomposition and thermal polycondensation process of asphalt.

Carbonization furnace for LFP (lithium iron phosphate) calcination

Lithium iron phosphate cathode materials are mainly synthesized from the precursors iron phosphate and lithium carbonate through high-temperature solid-state reaction.

Carbonization treatment system for natural graphite baking

Natural graphite anode materials are mainly used in the 3C field, while artificial graphite anode materials are mainly used in EV field.

Carbonization treatment kiln for anode composites

After adding the carbonization process, the specific surface area was reduced, and the rate performance of the sample was increased.

Carbonization treatment of lithium materials sintering

The calcination temperature affect the lithium carbonate on the material surface and the pH value of the material, and has a certain impact on the tap density and specific surface area of the material.

Carbonization system for green petroleum coke calcination

Coke calcination is a process that involves the heating of green petroleum coke in order to remove volatile material and purify the coke for further processing.

Carbonization kiln for calcined petroleum coke

After adding the carbonization process, the graphite crystallite layer arrangement of the artificial graphite anode material is more standardized, which effectively improves the first Coulombic efficiency and first charge and discharge capacity.

Carbonization furnace for needle coke

Carbonization refers to the calcination process below 1200°C, and graphitization refers to the high-temperature treatment process close to 3000°C.

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