Impact Mill

Our impact mill is high-speed mechanical mill to perform ultrafine milling and mainly used in grinding carbon material and graphite materials for lithium battery industry. To follow the trend of anode material, we developed the impact mill and designed a process to realize the surface fixing with mechanical force, which improving the shaping efficiency and performance, and meet the requirement of surface coating.

Capacity: 5-6000 kgs/h Output Size: 5-100μm


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Physical property analysis
Lab and pilot test
Complete grinding solution
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Ultrafine grinding fineness
Output size between 5-100 um
Good shape
Special designed to obtain cubical or potato shape particle
Better wear-resisting performance
Super-hard alloy type hammer and ring with longer service life.
Shielding gas atmosphere design
Suitable to handle inflammable, explosive and easily oxidative material
High efficiency dust control
Collecting efficiency up to 99.99%, Negative pressure operation without fly ash.
Easy to operate
Fully automatic PLC control.


Making the spherical graphite for anode material by grinding the green petroleum coke (GPC coke), green needle coke, calcined petroleum coke (CPC coke), calcined needle coke, coating pitch, natural graphite.

Grinding desulfurization agent and denitrification agent for boiler in cement factory and power station. And carbon black, polyacrylamide, urea, sulfur etc.

Project Cases

Impact mill for grinding green petroleum coke

Carbon material is currently the main anode material used in lithium-ion batteries, include graphite, needle coke, petroleum coke, graphene, etc.

Impact mill for grinding green needle coke

The crushing principle of jet mill and impact mill is different, impact mills use grinding discs to drive materials to hit the grinding chamber to achieve grinding.

Impact mill for natural spherical graphite grinding plant

The electrochemical performance of natural graphite as the anode material for lithium-ion batteries can be improved by both jet milling and impact milling.

Impact mill for grinding calcined petroleum coke

Both needle coke and petroleum coke have the characteristics of easy graphitization, and the prepared anode material has high capacitance, high first-time efficiency.

Impact mill for grinding carbon black

The factors that determine the performance of anode materials are not only the raw materials and the process formula, but also grinding, spheroidizing, shaping and grading technologies.

Impact mill for grinding sulfur

Graphite powder spheroidizing system combines impact mill, shaping mill, mixing system, pneumatic conveying system, and dust collection system.

Desulfurization agent impact mill plant

Medium-sulfur petroleum coke not only has a large supply, multiple sources, but also its price is only 1/2, or even 1/3 of low-sulfur petroleum coke.

Polyacrylamide grinding plant

Impact mills are more suitable for crushing soft cohesive particles (such as polycrystalline), not for single crystal small particles.

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