Gold Refinery and Smelting System

Prominer can design and provide the complete refinery and smelting system for gold CIL project include loaded carbon Elution & Electro-Winning System and the hydrometallurgy system include reactor, filter, absorber, vacuum system, melting furnace. We can also design the modular type of hydrometallurgy system in containers for small scale project.

Gold Elution & Electro-winning system capacity: 5000kg per patch Hydrometallurgy system: 200kg gold mud per patch


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Physical property analysis
Lab and pilot test
Complete grinding solution
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

High desorption rate
The elution plant includes an enlarged heat recovery circuit that optimizes solution temperature and flows, minimizing elution time and energy consumption.
High production capacity and low production cost
The elution plant is built from pre-engineered modules to reduce engineering, delivery, construction, and commissioning time and cost.
Cyanide free for desorption process
Under closed high temperature and high-pressure system, gold-loaded carbon can quickly desorb and electrolyte into gold mud and poor carbon.
Gold bar with high purity to reach 99% or even 99.9%
After simple pickling and impurity removal, the gold mud obtained can be directly smelted into gold ingots. Using hydrometallurgy, gold ingots can reach a purity of over 99% or 99.99%.
Recover gold and silver
To process gold & silver ore concentrates or pregnant solution, and One-stop smelting system to get gross gold & silver done.
High level automation control system
Simple to operate thanks to extensive automation options.


Oxide gold CIL project, gold CIP project, gold vat leaching and heap leaching project.

Project Cases

Elution & electro-winning system for CIL project

The gold-rich eluate is fed into an electrowinning circuit where gold and other metals are plated out onto cathodes of steel wool. 

Elution & electro-winning system for gold smelting

Elution & electro-winning system designs based on either ZADRA or AARL technologies.

Container Modular hydrometallurgy smelting system

40' HC Container Hydrometallurgy smelting system including the reaction kettle, magnetic pump, and corrosion resistant stainless steel filter.,etc.

Container Modular gold bar smelting furnaces

Prominer container modular gold smelting furnace arranged container type waste gas processing system.

Reactors for Gold and silver separation

The gold & silver alloy slime will react with the nitric acid in the reactor kiln. Most of the metal such silver, Iron, Zin, Cuapart from gold will dissolve in nitric acid.

Gold bar from the gold refinery and smelting system

Elution & electro-winning system enabling stripping of gold from loaded carbon, electrowinning into gold sludge, and drying and smelting of sludge into bars.

Elution and desorption system for gold smelting

To process Heap leaching, CIL or CIP leaching or vat leaching pregnant solution into gold & silver mud.

Pregnant solution filter devices

The desorption and electrolysis system could also cooperate with carbon regeneration kiln with supporting tanks, settler, process water tank, and carbon fines filter press.

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