Impregnation System

We can provide hot-in and cold-out type high-pressure impregnation of once-baked graphite electrode products to reduce the porosity and increase the bulk density. The primary baked graphite electrode products are sent into the preheating furnace (350~400℃) by the electric flat car for preheating. Then the heated electrodes will send to the high-pressure impregnation tank (180℃) for high-pressure impregnation. After process is completed, cooling water is injected into the impregnation tank to cool the product.

Design pressure of impregnation system: 2.5MPa Weight increasing rate: ≥16%


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Engineering Design
Complete solution for impregnation system
EPC or Turnkey project delivery
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Low energy consumption for preheating
Adopt the flue gas circulation technology of the preheating furnace and the heat exchange technology of the combustion-supporting air to achieve a per ton unit consumption natural gas less than 25 M3.
The product can be heated evenly
Flue gas circulation in the preheating tank makes that product can be heated evenly.
Hot-in and cold out type
Compared cold in and cold out type, hot in and cold out type gained technical & economical ground.
Environmentally friendly and has no pitch smoke
Temperature of impregnated product core is not higher than 50°C, and there is no pitch smoke after the product leaves the tank door.
Zero emission of benzopyrene
The exhaust gas from each tank is collected and sent to tunnel kiln for incineration with zero emission of benzopyrene.
PLC automatic control
Automatically controlled valves and temperature, pressures makes the production more stable.


HP electrode, UHP electrode impregnation process.

Special graphite and Isostatic graphite.

Project Cases

Impregnation system for UHP electrode

The production of UHP can be divided into materials processing, preparation of green electrodes, baking and rebaking, impregnation, graphitization, product packing.

Impregnation and preheating furnaces for special graphite

Electrode preheating gas temperature is 350~400℃ and preheating for 10-12hours.

Impregnation system for Isostatic graphite

After impregnation processing, the graphite weight increasing rate: ≥16%.

Impregnation system for graphitization furnace pole

Impregnation and baking process are between the kneading system and graphitization system.

Impregnation system for graphite electrode

High-pressure impregnation of once-baked graphite electrode products to reduce the porosity and increase the bulk density.

Impregnation for special graphite rod

Working temperature of impregnation tank is about 180℃ and processing time is about 8-12 hours.

Impregnation system for graphite block

Impregnation system consists of preheating furnaces, high-pressure impregnation tanks and vacuum tanks., etc.

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