Granulation Reactor

Our granulation reactor combines the coating and granulation processing functions together. It can make the coating pitch and graphite mixing evenly and sufficiently and the electrical heating device will provide staged heating to help the mixed materials coated. The complete granulation system contains weighing feeding device, high temperature reactor with electrical heating furnace, cooling jacketed reactor and waste gas receiver tank.

Reactor Volume: 200L-7000L/set Capacity: 20-3000 kgs/day/set


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Physical property analysis
Lab and pilot test
Coating and granulation system supply
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

High Accuracy
Dosing device with tolerance 0.3%.
Stable Performance
Our granulation system with higher yield rate.
Good shape and even size
Obtain cubical or potato shape particle with narrow PSD curve.
High efficiency dust control
Collecting efficiency up to 99.99%, Negative pressure operation without fly ash.
Easy to operate
Fully automatic PLC control.
Lower power consumption
High-property heat preservation material to reduce the energy consumption.


Anode Material: green petroleum coke (GPC coke), green needle coke, calcined petroleum coke (CPC coke), calcined needle coke, coating pitch, natural graphite and carbon black.

Cathode material: LiCoO (lithium cobalt oxide), NCM( lithium nickel manganese cobalt), LMO (lithium manganese oxide), LFP (lithium iron phosphate).

Project Cases

Granulation system for green petroleum coke

The coating of petroleum coke refers to covering the surface of petroleum coke with a layer of material to improve the properties of petroleum coke. This coating material can be asphalt, resin, polymer, etc.

Granulation system for calcined petroleum coke

The common anode granulation process is to first mix coke and pitch by high-temperature melting, and then proceed through carbonization, graphitization, and other procedures in sequence.

Stainless Reactor for LFP (lithium iron phosphate)

LFP (LiFePO4) has the characteristics of high discharge power, fast charging and long cycle life, with a theoretical capacity of 170mAh/g.

Granulation system for needle coke

Carbon coating on the needle coke surface followed by hydrogen reduction improves the electrochemical performance of the needle coke and enhances the first Coulombic efficiency and rate performance.

Granulator for natural graphite

Natural graphite must be modified before it can be used as anode material. Commonly used modification methods include coating method, SEI film modification method, heteroatom doping, etc.

Reactor for NCM ( lithium nickel manganese cobalt)

The complete system contains weighing feeding device, high temperature reactor with electrical heating furnace, cooling jacketed reactor and waste gas receiver tank.

Reactor for lithium materials

The electrochemical performance of cathode materials also depends on their particle properties, such as morphology and microstructure, size distribution, tap density, specific surface area, and surface characteristics.

Granulation system for anode material

Taking the anode material as an example, the use of a battery anode formed by granulation can not only greatly improve the battery life, but also effectively increase the electric capacity.

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