HIMS Magnetic Separator

Prominer can provide different HIMS (High Intensity Magnetic separator) magnetic separators which is electromagnetic separator for improving the weakly magnetic mineral grade like hematite, martite, limonite, vanadium-bearing titan magnetite, manganese and limonite or removing the iron content to purify the nonferrous material include kaolin, quartz, feldspar, nepheline, and ceramic.

Maximum magnetic field intensity: 20000 Gauss(2.0T) Material ultrafine size: 2 um D50


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Mineralogical analysis
Lab and pilot test
Magnetic separator design and OEM service
On-site erection & commissioning and training


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Optimized magnetic system design
Optimal arrangement and combination of magnetic matrix, field intensity up to 2.0T.
High separation efficiency
Pulsation mechanism design could improve the separation performance.
Energy-saving and high operation rate
Stable magnetic field and equipment operation rate is up to 98%.
Automation control system
PLC system with touch screen display makes the control automatically.
Design to handle high purity and ultrafine material
Wider separation range: upper limit:6mm, lower limit :2~10μm.
Easy Maintenance
Easier maintenance, easier installation and more reliable performance.


Purify Anode materials for lithium batteries: green petroleum coke (GPC coke), green needle coke, calcined petroleum coke (CPC coke), calcined needle coke, coating pitch, natural graphite, and synthetic graphite.

Purity Cathode material sintering for lithium batteries: LiCoO (lithium cobalt oxide), NCM(lithium nickel manganese cobalt), LMO (lithium manganese oxide), LFP (lithium iron phosphate), and NCA (Lithium nickel aluminum cobalt).
Reduce the Iron content to purify the nonferrous material.

Project Cases

HIMS magnetic separator for Artificial graphite anode material

Dry type High magnetic separator is specially designed for removing the mechanical iron in ultrafine powder which generated during processing.

Magnetic separator for carbon silicon anode material

As a high value-added product, the reduction of impurity content of silicon carbon anode materials will bring considerable economic value.

Electromagnetic separator for Kaoline

Electromagnetic separator is suitable for purification of such nonferrous materials such as kaolin, quartz, feldspar, nepheline and ceramic.

HIMS magnetic separator for Silica sand

Silica sand accrete with weak magnetic impurities with fine particle size, HIMS is suitable for separation of weak magnetic impurities to reach below 100ppm of Fe2O3.

Electromagnetic separator for natural graphite anode

All the powder from deagglomeration system will be conveyed to the final product handling system which include mixer, magnetic separation, sieving and packing system.

Electromagnetic separator for lithium iron phosphate

Besides purify the LFP, recovery of LiFePO4 and graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries is also a good business.

HIMS magnetic separator for hematite

The main iron losses during magnetic separation are accounted for by hematite and hydrogoethite, which have a very low magnetic susceptibility.

Slon type magnetic separator for Iron ore

Slon is a new type HGMS developed by China manufacturer for weakly magnetic ores like hematite, specularite, limonite, siderite and etc.

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