Flotation cell

Prominer can provide SF series self-priming flotation machine and XCF/KYF series pneumatic flotation cell which are mainstream products for the recovery and upgrading of sulfide ores. Our flotation cells are cell to cell type flotation machine which always combine several sets together as roughing stage, cleaning stages, or scavenging stages.

Flotation cells volume: up to 70m3 Power: 7.5-90KW


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Mineralogical analysis
Flotation cell design & manufacturing
On-site erection & commissioning and operation training
Customized and OEM service by following the drawing from client


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Heavy dusty design
Impeller and shaft adopt endurable and abrasion-proof material to extend working lifetime.
Reliable and continuous running
Optimized tank shape ensures stable performance and higher separation efficiency.
Energy-saving and high-efficiency
Advanced mechanism design saves the power consumption and improves the flotation efficiency.
Large Scale Production
Volume up to 70m3.
Flexible system for different minerals
OEM flotation mechanism for different minerals like natural graphite, spodumene, lepidolite., etc.
Automation control system
PLC system with touch screen display, cooperates with operation data supervision system to realize the control automatically.


Sulfide Minerals such as cooper ore, lead & zinc ore, gold ore, silver ore, and nickel ore.
Also used in some non-sulfide ores include fluorite, graphite, quartz, tungsten, lithium, tantalum, tin, and coal.

Project Cases

Pneumatic flotation cell for Lithium ore

Pneumatic flotation cell for Lithium ore

Pneumatic flotation cell for sulfide gold ore

Flotation reagents normally including collecting agent, foaming agent, inhibitor, activation agent, and pH regulators.

Flotation cells for copper ore

Flotation methods include direct flotation (using chelating reagents or a fatty acid as collector), sulfidization flotation, and activation flotation. 

Flotation cells for spodumene

Spodumene, a major lithium-bearing mineral found in pegmatite deposits, is often recovered by froth flotation. 

Flotation Cells for Natural Graphite

Prominer present a comprehensive process of the flotation method, including developing flotation reagents and the revolutionary process of high-quality graphite flake.

Self-priming flotation cells for lead and zinc ore

The flotation separation of mixed sulfide-oxide lead-zinc ore was achieved by adopting a low-alkaline and non-desliming process.

Flotation cells for hematite

The scavenger concentrate is returned by gravity to the rougher cell and the rougher concentrate from the first rougher cell is sufficiently high grade to combine with the cleaner concentrate which flows by gravity to the recleaners.

Flotation cells for molybdenum

Molybdenite is naturally floatable and can be separated from copper sulfide mineral using froth flotation.

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