HPQ Yes or not?

Investing in high-purity quartz sand projects requires tons of cautions. The following aspects have to be considered:

1.Is the ore stable and controllable?

Using the existing raw ore to make the existing products in the market, where is the competitive advantage? Moreover, the situation often occurs is that people are rushing to use a certain kind of ore, which leads to an increase in the price, the profit of making products is limited, and the mine owners and middlemen make money. How stable is the ore? Although the amount of some ore is huge, the content of impurities and the structure of the ore have significant changes from the outside to the inside.

The characteristics of the ore itself determine the potential of the product. Therefore, the investment made before determining the source of the mine is blind and hasty.

2.Is the technology advanced and reliable?

High-purity quartz sand is a very small segment, and most people do not understand the actual situation. Due to information asymmetry in this field, there are too many technical dealers and gangsters. Some people under the banner of research institutes, after simply processing the samples sent, claim that the samples can be made of high-purity quartz sand. The next step is to fool customers into investing in production lines to earn the difference in price and technical service fees...We have many clients came to us for HPQ, and show us the testing report of raw ore with hope for Unimin standard, but it came different after our verification testing.

Actually, after many quartz mines have been treated, the indicators do not look bad, and thirteen impurities below 100ppm abound. There are not many opportunistic paths to take with the accumulation and progress of technology. You must experience enough exploration and failure to find the most ideal path. Is the technology advanced or not? You can reflect on whether you can make qualified Unimin sand if you use the raw ore of Unimin after processing by the technical team?


Standard item AL B Ca Cr Cu Fe k Ii Mg
IOTA-standard 16.2 0.08 0.5 <0.05 <0.05 0.23 0.6 0.9 <0.05
IOTA-4 8.0 0.04 0.6 <0.05 <0.05 0.3 0.35 0.15 <0.05
IOTA-6 8.0 0.04 0.5 <0.05 <0.05 0.15 0.07 0.15 <0.05
IOTA-8 7.0 <0.04 0.6 <0.02 <0.02 0.3 0.04 0.02 <0.02

3.Do you understand the needs of the downstream market?

Different application fields have different requirements for raw sand. Whether it is possible to develop cost-effective solutions according to the needs of customers should be said to be the winning way for small enterprises. The understanding of raw materials and markets determines whether the production process is flexible enough to meet customer needs. Repeated communication, sample and improvement with customers requires a long process. Is the company prepared? For example, some companies blindly produced high-purity microsilica without understanding the market demand, but were unable to find an application field, which led to all previous efforts in vain.

4.Are there sufficient funds and time preparations?

For a high-purity quartz sand project, in addition to the investment in plant equipment, the amount of capital required for the purchase of raw ore and the payment cycle will be huge. Is there sufficient preparation at the beginning of the project? In addition, it is difficult to go smoothly from product research and development, small test, pilot test, production in small batch trial and production in batch by customers. If a certain process gets stuck, it may delay the progress of the entire project. Is there an emergency plan? Time is the most exhausting, and there is no hope for a long time, and the team is at risk of being disbanded at any time.

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