Photovoltaic glass sand standard

Photovoltaic glass is generally used as the encapsulation panel of photovoltaic modules. And also, it is in direct contact with the external environment. Its weather resistance, strength, light transmittance and other indicators play a central role in the life of photovoltaic modules, and will influence the power generation efficiency.

Besides the iron ions dye other parts in quartz sand, iron oxides also have a strong absorption effect on thermal radiation. Most of the radiant heat is absorbed by the surface liquid, so that the upper and lower layers of the glass liquid produce obvious temperatures gradient. For the reason, it affects the convection of molten glass in the melting furnace, and then induce to the difficulty of melting and clarification.

In order to ensure the high solar transmittance of the original glass, the iron content of photovoltaic glass shall be much lower than that of ordinary glass.

Pls check the requirements on quartz sand for photovoltaic glass technically

Size requirements

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