Three gold ore beneficiation processes

The three most commonly used processes for gold ore separation are gravity, flotation and cyanidation. Among them, gravity separation is a common process for sand gold ore, flotation is mainly used for sand ore. rock gold, while cyanidation is used for refractory gold ore such as oxidized ore and flotation concentrate. The specific application and improvement of these three processes in the current grading of gold ore is discussed in detail below gold.

The technology of gravity separation of gold ore

The gravity separation process is a relatively old method of gold extraction and is now generally used as an auxiliary process. For example, coarse-grained gold deposits and sand gold deposits can be pre-concentrated in the circuit. grinding by the gravity method to recover the coarse-grained gold, which creates the conditions for further flotation and cyanidation.As for the canbu coarse-grained gold mine, the flotation or cyanidation process cannot achieve better separation effect, and the single gravity separation process can obtain a higher separation index. Therefore, the gravity separation process has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, as well as the most economical mineral separation process.

Gold ore flotation

The gold ore flotation process occupies a very important position in the separation of gold ore from rock. According to statistics, about 80% of rock gold deposits are separated by flotation process.In addition, gold sulfide minerals with high buoyancy are also treated with flotation, and the effect is remarkable. It also has some limitations and disadvantages, for example: It is difficult to adopt flotation for canbu coarse-grained gold ore, the flotation process with flotation reagents will cause some pollution to the environment, and the flotation reagent system is difficult to Therefore, the combined process of flotation and gravity is generally used to separate the gold ore, which is the main trend of the flotation process.

Cyanidation of gold ore

The cyanidation of gold is the main gold extraction process. There are two common types of gold cyanidation processes: one is the use of activated carbon to absorb gold from the cyanide pulp, also known as the full sludge zinc cyanide substitution method; the other is the use of zinc powder to replace gold after thickener washing, also known as the full sludge carbon cyanide paste method, known as CIP. Compared with the zinc replacement method, the method Carbon slurry not only saves investment in solid-liquid separation equipment, but also reduces the amount of cyanidation agent and protects the environment. In addition, the carbon slurry method is used in a wide range of gold deposits, and it can treat some gold ores that contain a lot of mud and have poor filtration performance. Therefore, the cyanidation carbon slurry method is widely used in the concentrator to separate the gold ores.

At present, there are many units that can design the gold mine cyanidation process by themselves in China, but not many that can design the gold mine cyanidation process according to the actual situation of the customer. Through more than 20 years of exploration and practice of gold ore separation technology, Prominer (Shanghai) have possessed mature CIP gold ore processing technology.

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