What are the types of gold ore?

Gold ore technology is generally determined by the physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of the gold ore and Gangue, for example, gold ore with large density difference and coarse particle size is generally treated by the method heavy separation; Gold ore with a large difference in surface wettability and fine particle size is generally treated by the flotation method.
In order to improve gold recovery and recover other useful components from some complex refractory gold ores, the selection of a multi-process combined process is certainly necessary in technology and reasonable in economics.
There are two main types of common gold ore: quartz vein gold ore and sulphide gold ore.
一、Quartz vein type gold ore

Quartz vein type gold ore processing technology is mainly cyanidation and flotation. The determination of the technology mainly depends on the size of the gold grain and the symbiotic relationship with other minerals. In case the mineral surface is contaminated or there is thin film free gold, the jigging separation can be used to recover some of the gold, reduce tailings grade and cyanide leaching time.

When the buoyancy of the ore is good, the flotation energy of the quartz-containing gold ore can produce tailings treated by the cyanidation process, and the flotation after milling of flotation tailings can increase the flotation recovery rate. Most of the cases, the cyanidation method is widely applied to the quartz vein type gold deposits, mainly considering the fineness of grinding, the cyanide concentration in the pulp and the leaching time.At the same time, with the In order to reduce the amount of cyanidation, the flotation concentrate cyanidation process can be used.

二、Gold-containing sulfide minerals

Most of the gold-containing sulfide minerals can be treated by flotation, some can be treated by cyanidation, or they can be treated by combined method, or they can be treated by mercury mixing, gravity separation or combined process.

The selection of the flotation or cyanidation process depends on the recovery rate of the gold, the degree of comprehensive utilization of the associated minerals, etc. If the ore contains more coarse-grained gold, it should be preselected, as coarse-grained gold is difficult to dissolve in the cyanidation solution, and the flotation method is also difficult to recover.When the surface of the Gold particles It is clean and there is no harmful component for the mercury mixture in the ore, the mercury mixing method is better than the heavy separation method.In production practice, the commonly used gold sulfide mineral treatment process is as follows: flotation first, the flotation concentrate can be cyanidated directly, or after cyanidation grinding, or the use of gravity separation and mercury mixture treatment.

As for the gold ore concentration plant, a mature and simple production process should be adopted as far as possible, on this basis, margin should be left for the selection of the type of concentration equipment and the construction of the plant area, in order to provide scope for future production development and process improvement.

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