Hard Carbon Anode

Hard carbon anode material is the most preferred materials for commercialization of sodium-ion battery. Hard carbon material are all biomass materials that are difficult to graphitize at high temperatures above 2500°C. Common hard carbons include resin carbon, organic polymer (polysaccharide) pyrolytic carbon, and carbon black (anthracite). Hard carbon materials all have high reversible specific capacity, theoretically reaching 350-400mAh/g. The hard carbon structure is stable and the charge and discharge cycle life is long. Prominer can provide the complete pilot scale hard carbon anode production plant. Due to commercial production of sodium-ion batteries will take some time and the hard carbon anode technical path still not fixed yet, we recommend our potential client focus on the pilot scale plant first.

Process Description

Prominer can provide the engineering work scope as below

Processing Flow

Hard Carbon Anode

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