The Importance of Ore Sampling in Mineral Processing Tests

A mineral processing test must be conducted before mineral processing in the mine, which is a guarantee for subsequent normal production. Through the mineral processing test, we can comprehensively understand the properties of the ore, so as to provide good guidance for later geological prospecting; it can provide a basis for building a mineral processing plant, and select reasonable mineral processing equipment for building a mineral processing plant, so that the mine can reap the maximum economic benefits. Reduce the waste of mineral resources.
However, before the mineral processing test, it is crucial to take the mineral sample. Whether it is correct or not will directly affect the representativeness of the mineral sample, thereby affecting the accuracy of the mineral processing test results. The results of the mineral processing test are an important basis for mineral deposit evaluation and mineral processing design. If the representativeness of the mineral sample is not strong, it will not only affect the quality of the mineral deposit evaluation and mineral processing design, but will even cause the built processing plant to be unable to operate and produce normally, and fall short of the standard. The expected technical and economic results resulted in a waste of construction funds and mineral samples used in mineral processing tests.
Therefore, if you want to obtain experimental mineral samples that provide a basis for mineral processing, you must conduct sampling according to the sampling design and relevant sampling regulations and specifications. This requires the design department to submit sampling requirements to the unit responsible for preparing the sampling design. In order to complete the project requirements, the design department needs to have the geological professional responsible for negotiating with the unit that prepares the sampling design, the geological exploration department, and the experimental research unit on the sampling work, and collects it internally. Professional opinions on mining and mineral processing. When proposing sampling requirements, it is necessary to focus on the representativeness of mineral samples and the number of mineral samples.

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