Introduction to common problems and solutions for belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are the primary mechanical tool in many engineering projects. Because it has many advantages in the process of transporting materials, it is favored in the process of grain storage and storage. However, belt conveyors have many problems during material transportation, such as belt deviation, spraying, etc., which have a great impact on its productivity. Today we will talk about common faults and solutions during the operation of belt conveyors.
Analysis and treatment of abnormal noise problems and belt slippage
The noise produced when the drum is off-center. During operation, the drum is a device that easily generates noise and is accompanied by periodic vibrations. The reason for the noise is that during the process of making the roller, the thickness of the smooth steel pipe wall is uneven, which causes the roller to generate a large centrifugal force. On the other hand, during the processing of the roller, the center of the bearing hole at both ends and the center of the outer ring A large deviation has occurred. In addition, a large centrifugal force will be generated, resulting in abnormal noise.
To solve the problem of abnormal noise, first check the bearings on the belt conveyor. If the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing. If the bearing is not damaged, use other methods to deal with it. The noise problem caused by the difference in the axial center of the coupling can be solved by appropriately adjusting the position of the motor reducer. Abnormal noise problems caused by rollers are usually caused by damaged bearings, and the bearings can be replaced.
Belt conveyors are relatively common machines in production and life. Because of its large transportation capacity, low power consumption, and ability to adapt to various materials, it is now widely used. However, the belt conveyor may also malfunction during operation. To solve these problems, it must be solved in an appropriate way according to the cause of the problem.

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