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Container module type purification & smelting system:


The container module type purification & smelting system is specially designed for those small-scale gold miners whose concentrate daily production small but who want to get gold & silver ingot. By being installed in containers, construction cost can be saved effectively and the whole system can be transported from site to site easily.


1. It is specially designed for processing the gold & silver alloy slime from desorption & electrolytic system, Merrill-Crowe processing system or lower grade gold or silver alloy;

2. It can separate the gold and silver, improving the gold and silver purity and smelt them into gold or silver ingot.

3. To process Heap leaching, CIL or CIP leaching or vat leaching pregnant solution into gold & silver mud to replace the desorption & electrolytic system.

Description of purification & smelting system:

Container Type Purification Smelting System Container Type Purification Smelting System Container Type Purification Smelting System

1. Gold slime purification & smelting process:

The gold & silver alloy slime will react with the nitric acid in the reactor kiln. Most of the metal such silver, Iron, Zin, Cu apart from gold will be dissolved in nitric acid. The residue is gold slime which is collected by a corrosion resistant filter after washing. Gold slime from the filter will be sent to the pyrometallurgy smelting oven to be smelted into gold ingot with purity 99% above.

2. Silver slime purification & smelting process

Solution from nitric acid washing will react with hydrochloric acid. The Silver will be collected as Silver chloride residue. Then the Silver chloride will react with the nitric acid again and silver will be replaced by iron powder. The silver slime after purification will be collected by an corrosion resistant filter after washing. The silver slime from filter will be sent to the smelting oven to be casted into silver ingot with purity 99.5% above.

3. Exhaust gas processing system

For environment protection purpose, exhaust gas generated during the processing will be washed by caustic soda solution before discharging.

4. Gold and Silver casting oven

High purity gold & silver slime after drying will be casted into ingot separately in the pyrometallurgy smelting system container. Prominer do also provide the mould with different pattern bases on the customers’ requirements.

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