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Locomotive Introduction

CTY series battery electric locomotive adopts IGBT chopper speed regulation or frequency conversion speed regulation. The main features are: reasonable structure of the whole machine, reliable explosion-proof performance, high efficiency and energy saving, large rotation torque, stable operation, multiple protection devices, and less maintenance; Braking and electric braking functions, and hydraulic braking functions can be designed according to user needs. The performance of the locomotive is safe and reliable, and is well received by users.
Battery: Ordinary lead-acid battery and lithium battery, optional.

Technical Specifications of Locomotive:

Total weight2.55812
Track gauge(mm)600,762 or 900600,762 or 900600,762 or 900600,762 or 900
Traction (KN)2.557.0611.1816.48
Max. traction (KN)6.1312.2619.6229.43
Speed (km/h)4.5477.58.7
Battery voltage(V)4890/96132192
Battery capacity(Ah)330385/300440560
Motor power(kw)3.57.5*211*222*2
Width(mm)914,1076 or 1212920, 1082 or 12201050/1212/13501050/1212/1350
Wheel base(mm)65085011001220
Wheel diameter(mm)460520680520
Min. curve radius(m)56710
Speed controlResistance or IGBTResistance or IGBT or ac converterResistance or IGBT or ac converterResistance or IGBT
BrakeMechanical brakeMechanical brake or hydraulicMechanical brakeMechanical brake


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