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Whether your grinding mill is a large ball or rod mill, semi-autogenous or autogenous, you can reline your mill faster, easier, and safer with Prominer’s mill relining machine. Prominer understands your mill lining requirements and designs and installs mill relining machine world-wide.

Prominer offers a standard range of mill relining machine to fit your application; from the lifting capacity of 300kg which is designed for mills of 3 meters diameter, to lifting capacity of 4500kg which is designed for SAG mills of 12 meters diameter.


A four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steering system allows sideways driving and turning on the spot, enabling highly accurate movement and positioning. Liners are transported on a cart with continuous hydraulic rotation to minimize the need for potentially dangerous manual work. A powerful crane and manipulator with seven axis of motion ensures that every liner can be precisely positioned. All machine functions are controlled via reliable wireless controls to maximize operator visibility and safety.

Moreover, the operator usually relines two or three rows below the horizontal and above the charge level before inching the mill to the next two or three rows to be relined. The knuckled boom and 360-degree boom rotation make it easy to reline both sides of the mill before inching the mill to the next few rows to be relined.



In order to effectively install liners, the boom "bounce" must be minimized. The operator cannot finely control the liner if the boom is oscillating by several inches. The major component of the handler flexibility is the torsional stiffness of the runway beam. Multiple torque cavities in the runway structure and a design based on the mill opening and load, produces a beam as rigid as the space will allow. Prominer mill relining machine is designed for each unique application, as opposed to simply varying the stand height and the boom length for a particular mill size. The inner and outer booms are adjusted to provide the best match, the stands are adapted to meet the space requirements, optional boom motions are provided, and a range of options are available to meet specific customer requirements.

1)The boom and grapple provide exact positioning of liners against the mill.

2)The boom’s extended reach and freedom to rotate 360 degrees allow 180 degrees of the mill to be relined without repositioning the mill.

3)All mill liner grapple comes standard with manually operated hydraulic controls, with optional proportional joystick controls available.

4)All control circuits are equipped with ground fault protectors for worker safety.

5)Load-supporting hydraulics are fitted with velocity fuses to lock motion in the event of a line break.

6)Solid rubber tires provide sure traction for maneuvering on uneven floors and around obstructions.

JXS-Ⅳ-3/4 Series

Prominer’s JXS-Ⅳ-3/4 Mill Relining Machines are the fourth-generation product, which is widely used in various large and small ore processing plants, greatly reducing the labor and material resources required for the installation of the liners, ensuring the safety of the workers' work process, greatly improving the installation efficiency, and extending the operation time of the mill, increasing the enterprise benefits

Prominer’s JXS-Ⅳ-3/4 Mill Relining Machines features a 3-axis or 4-axis liner suspension crane mechanism and has a fixed rigging eye for use with liner lifting slings or a winch at the end of the beam.

The robust box-section driven beam remains stationary during the operation.


ModelMill DiameterTrunnion DiameterLifting CapacityHydraulic PressureHydraulic FlowrateMotor Power

JXS-Ⅴ-7/ JXS--7 Series

Prominer’s JXS-V-7 Mill Relining Machines are the fifth-generation products and feature liner lifting capacities from 1500kg to 4500kg and typically access the mill cavity from the mill feed end. These Mill Relining Machines are suitable for medium to large SAG, AG and Ball Mills.

The seventh axis, known as the ‘grapple roll axis’, allows Prominer’s JXS-Ⅵ-7 Mill Relining Machines are the sixth-generation products and have  been upgraded based on the fifth-generation products, realizing the smart operation of equipment, which can save 80% of the workload for operators.


ModelMill DiameterTrunnion DiameterLifting CapacityHydraulic PressureHydraulic FlowrateMotor Power

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