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1.Mucking Loader Introduction and Application

ZWY series mucking loader is a high-efficiency slag removal equipment that can work continuously. The machine adopts full hydraulic design, multi-way reversing valve operation, crawler chassis walking, large and small boom buckets work together, and a belt conveyor transfer materials, so that the equipment is perfectly coordinated with various mechanical actions such as walking, working slag removal, roadway tunnel cleaning, material transmission, etc., and works continuously and efficiently. The design is advanced and reasonable, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the maintenance is convenient. Mainly in coal mines and non-coal mines tunneling and mining, reducing labor and replacing old-fashioned mechanical operations, low consumption and high output, the motor provides power to achieve safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

The whole machine is mainly composed of three major mechanical structures of walking, digging and conveying, and two major control systems of hydraulic and electric power. Through the coordinated control of each part, the hydraulic, electrical actuators and mechanical transmission mechanisms will finally implement the prescribed actions to complete each operation process.

It can start and work normally in the environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius outside temperature, and is not affected by air humidity. The continuous working oil temperature is within the normal range within 60 degrees.

2.Mucking Loader Working Principle of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic oil, gear pump, high-pressure oil pipe, multi-way reversing valve, oil cylinder, oil return filter, radiator, oil tank and other hydraulic components. The operator operates the handle according to the needs of the action to control the operations such as walking, digging, and conveying.

The multi-way reversing valve supplies oil to the drive motor of the crawler chassis, and the left and right crawler tracks are driven by amplifying the torque through the reducer. The crawler chassis has stable landing, strong driving force, clean bottom and smooth working surface.

Supply oil to 5 oil cylinders such as boom, arm, bucket, and rotary, and complete material collection functions such as slag removal, bottom cleaning, and loading of the robotic arm to ensure that no dead ends are left in the collection of materials.

Supply oil to the rear lift cylinder to complete the unloading height of the first carriage body, the front shovel port is raised, and the rear frame body is lowered to improve the walking capacity. Elevated function.

Supply oil to the hydraulic drum motor to drive the drum to rotate forward and reverse, the conveyor belt is driven by the drum, the transmission is uniform and stable, and the material transmission on the conveyor is completed.

After the hydraulic components perform the specified actions, the hydraulic oil is returned to the oil return filter to filter out the impurities in the system and the water in the oil, and then enter the radiator. The radiator is a forced air cooling design. Drive the fan to cool down, and finally return to the fuel tank to complete the entire cycle.

3.Mucking Loader Working Principle of Electrical System

The power system is powered by the main motor and the second transport motor. The whole vehicle is controlled by a control box switch to control the work of various electrical components.

One way to control the start and stop of the main motor and the radiator motor;

The two-way control the start and stop of the motor of the second transport machine;

4.Mucking Loader Structure

The whole vehicle is composed of chassis, transmission frame, boom, transmission belt and other components. The crawler site adopts self-locking type, which can be used on slopes below 30 degrees. The displacement drive motor amplifies the torque through the reducer to achieve large thrust.

The side plates of the gantry are welded with 20mm thick steel plates, and the upper and lower 30mm steel plates are used as the faucet hanging plates to achieve a firm and permanent body without deformation. The large and small arms and buckets are welded with 10mm low-alloy steel plates, and the oil cylinder is fixed at a reasonable position to maximize the efficiency of the oil cylinder. The design of the fixed pin is convenient and reasonable, and the grease hole is used to lubricate the joint parts, reduce friction, and effectively prolong the service life of the pin bushing.

5.Mucking Loader Advantages:
5.1 10mm curved shovel mouth of manganese steel plate;
5.2 Enlarged hydraulic oil radiator and 1800 rpm high-speed fan can control the oil temperature of 40, and protect the oil cylinder from high temperature;
5.3 The cold welded hydraulic oil tank has the characteristics of large volume and good heat dissipation effect;
5.4 Kubota U18 hydraulic cylinder system hydraulic pressure can reach 8 tons;
5.5 The whole car bolts are 10.9 grade bolts with anti-fall flange threads;
5.6 Kubota wear-resistant pin, I-frame and horse head wear-resistant steel sleeve

6.Mucking Loader Technical Specifications (Take ZWY-80 As An Example)

2.Power supply440V, 60Hz
3.Motor powerKw37
4.Control voltageV36
5.Applied working angle( º)≤30
6.Loading efficiency80-100 m3/h
7.Applicable working sectionm>2.5*2.5
8.Minimum turning radiusm4.5
9.Maximum boom rotation angle( º)30
10.Maximum material passing sizemm800*800
11.Excavation heightmm>3000
12.Excavation widthmm2350
13.Excavation depthmm≤500
14.Conveying typeChain type
15.Delivery methodmmScraper
16.Scraper chain speedm/s0.2-0.7
17.Hydraulic oil46#Anti-wear hydraulic oil
18.Double gear pumpCBF40/32
19.Track chassis lengthmm2100mm
20.Track shoe widthmm300mm
21.Minimum ground clearance230mm
22.Unloading distance2320mm
23.GradeabilityBelow 30º
24.Oil cylinder63/45
25.Working typeTrack

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