Mill Relining Machine

We can design and manufacture the mill relining machine (or called mill relining manipulator) for replacing the liner plate of ball mill, AG mill and SAG mill. Liners are transported on a cart with continuous hydraulic rotation to minimize the need for potentially dangerous manual work and manipulator ensures that every liner can be precisely positioned.

Rated Capacity: single liner plate with weight 1000 kgs -4500 kgs Suitable for mill diameter: 3.6-12m


Prominer can provide the service work as below

Customization design
Equipment manufacturing
On-site commissioning and operation training
Spare parts supply and equipment maintenance


Our equipment with the main advantages as below

Hydraulic drive with stable performance
Continuous hydraulic rotation to minimize the need for potentially dangerous manual work.
Automation control system and Remote manual operation
All machine functions are controlled via reliable wireless controls to maximize operator visibility and safety.
Max. 7 axis linkage movement
The seventh axis, known as the ‘grapple roll axis’, allows correction for deflection, which is necessary for precise bolt hole alignment, especially when fitting heavy liners.
Flexibility design
Prominer mill relining machine is designed for each unique application, as opposed to simply varying the stand height and the boom length for a particular mill size.
Universal wheel realize lateral movement
Each front wheel is driven by a hydraulic motor. The front and rear wheels can be operated separately to facilitate the beam to align with the mill port and enter the mill.
GPS adaptive cruise control


AG mill, SAG mill and large diameter ball mill/ rod mill.

Project Cases

Mill Reling Machine for SAG mill

Mill Relining System, with effective technology, have quartered the time taken to reline large minerals processing grinding mills.

Mill relining manipulator for AG mill

We design and manufacture quality mill relining machine for ball mill, SAG, AG and Rod mills to facilitate mining operations.

Mill Relining Machine for ball mill

The mill liner handler features a horizontal beam that delivers replacement liners through the trunnion.

Mill relining manipulator for ball mill

Mill relining manipulator greatly improving the installation efficiency, and extending the operation time of the mill, increasing the enterprise benefits.

Ball Mill relining machine test

Prominer provide you with a custom reline service package designed to meet your needs, including maintenance.

Ball mill liner plate installation

Mill relining manipulator including main parts like grapple, boom, runway beam, liner cart,etc.

Ball mill liner plate installation

The boom and grapple provide exact positioning of liners against the mill.

SAG Mill liner plate replacing

Prominer mill liner handler lifting capacity of 4500kg which is designed for SAG mills of 12 meters diameter.

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