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  • Cone Crusher
  • Cone Crusher
  • Cone Crusher

Cone Crushers is widely used in mines, cement plants and sandstone industries for medium crushing of various mine rocks, such as iron ore, copper ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, sandstone, etc. Working principle is as follows: The cone body swings under the force of the eccentric shaft sleeve, so that the concave is sometimes close to and sometimes away from the mantle, so that the material is in an annular crushing cavity composed of concave and mantle impacted, crushed and bent to required particle size and discharged.

Cone Crusher Features:

Upgraded Structure, Higher Efficiency

Cone Crusher further optimizes the transmission parts and lubrication and sealing structures. which boasts strong holding capacity, bigger installed power, higher efficiency and lower noises.

Multiple Cavity Types Meet Various Particle Size

Cone Crusher has several kinds of cavities suitable for different size requirements. Users can adjust product size and shape by changing spare parts like concave, mantle.

PLC Integrated Control System Makes Operations Simpler

Cone Crusher adopts the advanced PLC electrical system, which can continuously detect the operation and give alarms, and display various operating parameters.

Cone Crusher Technical Specifications:

ModelCavitiesFeed opening (mm)Minimum discharging size (mm)Capacities (t/h)Nominal installed power (kw)Maximum installed power (kw)Overall dimension (mm)
HP300C1(Extra Coarse)23025220-4402202502725×2110×2871
F2(Extra Fine)8010110-240
HP400C1(Extra Coarse)29530300-6303153152775×2370×2295
F2(Extra Fine)9010135-320
GP100S1(超粗)Extra Coarse2402285-17090901550×1575×2545
S2Medium Coarse2001970-130
H2Medium Fine65835-80
H3Extra Fine35427-60
GP160S1Extra Coarse36025120-3451321601875×1920×3195
S2Medium Coarse30022105-305
H2Medium Fine901065-165
H3Extra Fine50648-105
GP250S1Extra Coarse45035255-6052202502100×2320×4096
S2Medium Coarse40029215-515
H2Medium Fine11013115-340
H3Extra Fine70890-255
GP315S1Extra Coarse56041335-10503153152380×2735×4630
S2Medium Coarse50038305-895
H2Medium Fine13516190-505
H3Extra Fine6513205-320

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